Friday, 10 April 2015

Xiaomi Executives Celebrates as Xiaomi enters in Guinness of World Record for the most phone sales in a day

As we know that Xiaomi celebrated their Birthday on 8th of April by presenting us the Discount on a Wide Range of Xiaomi product in India as well as their Home Town China, but did you know they have shattered all the records and achieved something that other company can only dream of it.

In the 12-hour sale, Xiaomi sold over 2.11 million smartphones and earned 2.08 billion Chinese Yuan ($335 million approximately). This broke the company’s previous record of $163 million garnered during Alibaba’s Singles Day sale last year. 

In fact, this five year old Chinese company made a record yesterday. Today, the company received an official Guinness World Record certificate for the most smartphone sales in 24 hours on a single platform. Xiaomi managed to sell 2.11 million mobile phones in just 12 hours! Many companies often struggle to sell this much in an entire month, so its no surprise that these numbers created a new Guinness World record. 

Hugo Barra also revealed that the company had sold a total of 1.34 million connected devices. The no of other products are as Follow -

  • Mi Power Banks - 403,000
  • Mi headphones - 336,000
  • Mi Air Purifiers - 31,000

As you can see, these number are massive! In fact, over 1420 people were a part of this big festival day sale supporting the company! Xiaomi also reports that it shipped over 500,000 orders yesterday itself, which is once again pretty impressive.

Its really surprising to see Xiaomi managing everything so smoothly. The company had enough stock to last for the day despite these many orders and were well prepared for processing them in time. Then What’s wrong with us! Xiaomi? They have to still work on this in India

Before the “Fan Festival Sale” began, Lin Bin stated that if the company’s total phone sales exceeded 200 million units they would go streaking to celebrate.  As we know the company officially breached the 200 million mark recently and with the addition of this new world record the streaking celebration became inevitable.

The company’s executives celebrated the momentous occasion by streaking on the streets Beijing. The unusual celebration was participated by executives from each of the company’s departments and were all led by none other than the company’s President, Lin Bin.

For a company known for its smartphones boasting segment-leading specifications and an aggressive price tag, Xiaomi has recently increasingly focused on connected devices. It has been open about its ambition for an ecosystem of connected devices, and in addition to the aforementioned products, it is also believed to be working on a smart water purifier, and “smart” running shoes that will connect to your smartphone.


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