Thursday, 2 April 2015

Xiaomi to Roll on MIUI 6 Update for Redmi 1s in this Month

It will be not wrong to say that Xiaomi Fans has waited for more than a Decade for Redmi 1s MIUI6 update and as the Update coming closer the fans had become more curious about it.  Today in this post we are going to reveal the plans of Xiaomi on Redmi 1s Update with MIUI 6, Read Further….

Recently, Xiaomi have made public the kernel sources of the Android System of Mi3 along with the classic, sources of the nearly-a-year old Mi 4 and current flagship, i.e., Mi Note have also been released.
Jai Mani, Lead Product Manager at Mi India and VP, Xiaomi, Hugo Barra sent the update through their social media streams.

The kernel sources have been uploaded to GitHub’s servers, and you can accessed Mi3 & Mi4 sources by following to this link.

In addition to the kernel sources, Mani also revealed that the MIUI 6 update for one of the most popular Xiaomi phone till date — the Redmi 1S — was due soon, and that it was undergoing private testing.

"We’re working on MIUI 6 for the 1S. We’ve been testing it internally and aim to launch it publicly in April"

“PS: Because I know you’ll ask… We’re working on MIUI 6 for the 1S. We’ve been testing it internally and aim to launch it publicly in April,” is what Mani had to say about the impending MIUI 6 update for the Redmi 1S. While According to @MI Official the launch date of MIUI6 For India will be close to last week Of April and looking at the on-going condition it will be KitKat update for Redmi 1s, In additionally Android 5.0 has some technical problem that can effect MIUI 6 badly which is why Google Roll on Android 5.1 in hurry while we can’t confirm it as Now. So Stay Tune! With us

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