Tuesday, 19 May 2015

BMW-TVS Bike is a sub 500cc Single Cylinder Engine will be totally BMW Engineering bike

The BMW-TVS partnership has been the most talked about automotive collaborations in recent times that has the entire industry keeping its tab on. Whole world is waiting to see the outcome from the TVS-BMW partnership.

The TVS-BMW collaboration was announced in 2013 and will see both the companies develop an all-new platform that the will churn out several new products (likely to be a street-fighter, super sport and adventure) in the next few years. 

In a recent interview, BMW CEO, Stephan Schaller elaborated on the new found alliance and also on what to expect from the upcoming entry-level performance motorcycles in the sub-500cc space.

However, the interesting bit happens to be that several different designs will spawn out of the same platform, where although components will be sourced locally, BMW Motorrad will take sole responsibility for engineering. What it hints towards is that a common platform will be used by both TVS and BMW, where the former will use it to produce its own range of performance motorcycles, while the latter will build entry-level examples for international markets to be sold with a BMW moniker. 

Speaking further, Mr. Schaller said that TVS has high internal quality levels and it has enough reason to believe that the Indian automaker can provide first-class quality parts that will match the price at which that the company aims to retail the products. While the displacement on the engine is yet to be revealed, the BMW CEO did confirm that the powertrain will be a sub-500cc single-cylinder unit on the K03 (codename) motorcycle that will be revealed later this year. The company does not want to look into a twin-cylinder motor at present, but could be a possibility since the powertrain will be further developed over the next two years.

TVS will be launching its own set of models based on the newly developed platform while also sharing the engine. What does emerge as extremely positive is the fact that the products sold in high-priced markets as well as in developing markets will possess the same quality from both the manufacturers.

The TVS-BMW partnership has also made way for the latter’s fifth global facility that will be opened in India after Berlin, Thailand, China and Brazil. The products made at the upcoming plant will be carrying the BMW Motorrad badge and will be catering to the export markets as well. Mr Challer also revealed that in alliance with their Chinese partner Loncin, BMW has decided to produce a second engine, which will be a middleweight, twin-cylinder design that is currently under development.

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