Saturday, 9 May 2015

Nokia Legendary Snake Game return in New Avatar on All Android, iOS & Windows Smartphone

If you are 90s kid like me then you don’t need any Introduction on Nokia Snake Game which were played by every teenager in 90s and if you haven’t Now you can play in this age of technology. Nokia ruled the mobile gaming scene with its popular Snake Game.  Those were the early beginnings of the mobile phone and the small black and white Nokia screen with the iconic Snake game was a part of almost every 90s kid life.

The developer behind Snake was Finland-based Taneli Armanto, who collaborated with Nokia to ensure that Snake was first included on a Nokia 6110 in 1997.  Eighteen years later, creator Taneli Armanto has decided to bring back the addictive game into the mobile space. The sequel is aptly called Snake Rewind and will be available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone from May 14.

For the young'uns who have no idea what it's about: the game gives you control of a slithering serpent during feeding time. You'd have to get its mouth in the same line as its pixel food, often by twisting and contorting its continuously elongating body using the keyboard. Hours of feeding the little snake fruits (small black dots), only to finally make it long enough that it frustratingly eats its own tail

The new pimped up Snake game comes with a number of iterations. The new game has visual effects, sounds and new innovative goals. There will also be power-ups like Fruit Magnet, Trailblazer, and the Score Multiplier. The creator has also embedded in-app purchases from a place called the ‘fruit store’ where you can buy boosters and other things to go way ahead in the game. Additionally, you can even compete with others on the Internet to add more competition.

Snake Rewind will have the basic blueprint as the original with minor changes and enhancements thrown in to keep with the changing times. Therefore, the graphics of the game will see an update along with addition of music and sound effects. Another new welcome feature is to rewind time once you crash.

The game will be free but have a "fruit store" where users can purchase in-app upgrades and special items with money or the fruits collected during gameplay.

The complete lists of features are as follows:
  • Rewind the snake to continue the game even after crashing!
  • Many different types of special fruit with unique powers and effects!
  • 10 levels with distinct visuals and music, unlocked by completing fun and challenging missions!
  • Fruit store where boosters and items can be upgraded and purchased using fruit that you collect while playing!
  • Compete against other players for higher scores and rankings on the leaderboards, connect with friends on Facebook!
  • Fill the whole screen with the snake and find out what happens then!
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