Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Review: Lenovo A7000 is a Marvelous 4G Smartphone with Dolby Atmos in Sub 10K

Lenovo launched its A6000 smartphone just months ago and We Wrap it out in our Lenovo A6000 Review for our Viewers and today we bring out its big brother Lenovo A7000 to the testing. It seems Lenovo realises that in the under Rs.10,000 phone market it can't just rely on the A6000. The A7000 is company's answer to the popular phablets like the Yureka and the Redmi Note 4G.

We will try to bring you the real Verdict on Lenovo A7000 as still it is in testing & improving stage after the Latest update of 51mb which have improved A7000 performance wisely and is a solution to many problems we will also discuss on the improvement after latest update but First we will talk about the A7000 performance before the update

Overall Design

Lenovo A7000 build quality is very good, handset looks premium. It is easy to hold but it’s slippery – Sometime it slipped from my hand while using it. Back panel is with matte finish and covers almost 80% of the handset. Weight with battery is 142 grams and dimensions are 76.46 x 152.50 x 7.87mm
       Overall, the build quality of the A7000 is decent. It is not as good as what you get with the Note 4G or the Moto G but it is comparable to that of the Yureka. We didn't find any loose buttons on the A7000 and the finishing is good. The slim profile and relatively low weight helps when you are using the device but still hard to use with only one hand on it as its not so compact

Display and Multimedia

The A7000's display is the primary reason why it is so much better than the A6000 and will be better than A6000+ also. Unlike the A6000, which we found dull and uninspiring in our Review, the screen of the A7000 is vibrant, bright, shiny and sharp. The 5.5-inch screen has the resolution of 720p. But more than the resolution, the phone screen is vivid in nature which shows rich colours.
    Lenovo stated the A7000 as a multimedia phone and hence claims that it has worked extra hard on its screen. On the basis of our experience with the phone, we can say that this hard work shows.


Lenovo A7000 is using the MediaTek MT6752 Cortex A53 64 bit octa core processor clocked at 1.5GHz with Mali T-760 GPU. There is 2GB RAM in the phone and 8GB internal storage. Support for up to 32GB microSD is provided.

    The dual sim phone supports 4G LTE connectivity with support for both FDD 1800MHz (Band 3) and TDD 2300MHz (Band 40) in addition to other popular connectivity options including Bluetooth 4.0 and 3G. Multitasking is mostly smooth and so is watching videos, browsing the web or listening to music. There were lag in browsing gallery but that are accepted.


The Camera part of Lenovo A7000 makes it go on Knees as because it is the weakest part of the A7000.  In good light (read daylight) the rear camera can shoot images that have really good amount of details. Unfortunately, there is some oversharpening visible in these photos. But a bigger issue is the white balance all over the Image. 

      If we talk about the front camera which was below average in our initial test, It was all about whitening the object and a Blurry images but the front camera perform well in low light. Compared to the something like the Yu Yureka or the RedMi Note 4G, the camera performance of the A7000 is average. But it is the story of A7000 before the Update read further to know the camera performance after the Update.


Well performance was quite good, played several 720p video were colour reproduction was quite good there were no lag in it. Overall, gaming and multitasking on the A7000 was satisfactory, with minimal lags and no crashes. No issues with 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. I just unable to test 4G as it is not available in my area 

     The phone can run popular games like the Asphalt 8 with ease and at the game's maximum graphics settings. We also found that the A7000 remains relatively cool even while running games for long durations, it just get Warm.

Storage - This handset comes packed with 8GB ROM and 2GB RAM along with micro SD support of 32GB. Of the 2GB RAM you will get around 1.1GB free and of the 8GB storage about 3.1GB free to 3.4GB free.

Battery - The best part of it is that A7000 has a 2900 mAh battery inside it. In actual use, this leads to above average battery life. It is easy to get around 14 to 15 hours of battery life from the A7000 when the phone is used with single SIM cards. It last for Very long in a Moderate use than any other player in Sub 10K

Dolby Atmos Sound

The Thing which makes it special & different from other Smartphone is the presence of “Dolby Atmos Sound” which makes its more delightful for your ears but the real problem is that it works well only with the earphone as it is only supported in headphones. The audio performance of the A7000 is Very down side. While in our music performance test even on higher Volume the sound of A7000 was on lower side even A6000 performance better in the Music test even in a crowded area we can hear loud & clear Music playback.

    The phone's default UI is devoid of an app drawer and app icons and widgets are spread across the home screens. The unified home screen-app launcher style may come across as user-friendly to people who have not used an Android phone before. The good thing is this that Theme section has been packed in Lollipop which was missing in A6000. 

Update Fix - Lenovo has rolled out a small update of just 51mb which enhances the camera ISO and improves camera quality. A7000 users can download and install the update its an over the air (OTA) update. The main objective of this update to clear out the Dullness and witness in A7000 camera which is quite successful in it and even on a front camera too it also pumps out the audio output which is to be on lower side previously. Lenovo has said that they will fix other problem in the next update.

Final Verdict: Well with the latest update we can say that Lenovo a7000 still Improving but it will be getting better and better day by day as latest update has fixed many issues so we recommend you to buy it as now its safe to buy.  It has got a very good screen, has good enough performance, runs cool, handles even demanding games fine and has decent build quality, camera still decent. It’s a Value for Money device in Sub 10K now I am sure it will not disappoint you buy its performance.

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