Saturday, 16 May 2015

YU Yuphoria first Hands-on-Review might Disappoint you

From the day of launch we all are excited to get our hands on Yurophia but still it has a time will go on sale on May 28th while get the first exclusive hands on Yurophia and tell us more about in details its pros and cons and today on this we will show you out all the feature and its performance in different aspect. Read further  

Digit also compared it performance with Lenovo A6000 plus and Moto E so we can get idea about its performance. While Yuphoria takes a lead in performance and benchmarking compared to Lenovo A6000 plus and Moto E. 

Digit says “Yu Yuphoria is definitely the best looking phone out of the three. The metal around the sides looks nice, giving the phone a premium feel. In terms of sturdiness though, the Moto E (4G) seems to be the most sturdily built device”

Display Issue - Yu Yuphoria has a pink-ish hue on the display, which is really distracting. The display is sharp, but the hue is a definite issue.  While you can chech the in the picture AudioFX icon which is not completely Red we are still not sure about this issue until we get our hands on Yuphoria.

Buttons Issue - The buttons on the side are the big issue on this device.  The power button on their review device is already bent to one side. This is because it is bigger than the volume buttons and gets pressed on either the top or bottom, which over time bends it to the side it is being most pressed from. In the long run, it's not something that you would want in your smartphone. Thus it is important that there should be gap between Volume & power button. 


While the Moto E (4G) has a 5MP camera, the Yuphoria and Lenovo A6000 Plus both come with 8MP rear shooters. Check out the test shots. The Yuphoria's camera is slightly dissapointing here. While it is definitely better than the Moto E in both colour reproduction and details, it doesn't match up to the Lenovo A6000 Plus and by extension 

There's a haze in all the images clicked by the Yu Yuphoria, which makes them seem washed out. You can see in this picture that while the colours are better than the Moto E, there's a definite haze on the Yellow, Pink and Red colours.

Same goes to Yu Fitness Band The entire design doesn’t look seamless. The glass bulges out from the band and the entire display feels like it has been glued onto the rest of the rubber band. It’s not the most premium feel, even considering the price tag. It looks like both the device are made up in hurry to beat the current leading segment Xiaomi Redmi 2 and Mi band.

#Note: These are Review unit may differ from manufacture unit while still many days left for the sale, YU can solve out these issue in the Final product but low grade quality will be concerned for many buyers. We will still hold our judgement until we gets our hand on the Yuphoria while you guys wait for more review.   

Via - Digit 

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