Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Bajaj Gearing up to launch smaller capacity Cruiser Sport bike to be Pulsar CS200

Bajaj still not looking forward to launch its higher 400cc Segment bike but the good part is that you still enjoy the pleasure of Higher Segment bike in half, well I mean half the price and half the power but design remain same just like Newly Bajaj Rs 200 which resemble like SS400. Meanwhile Bajaj announced CS200 that will take resemble from CS400.   

After the success of Pulsar RS200 based on the resemble of SS200, the same philosophy will be carried for the CS (Cruiser Sport) 200 that will be following the CS 400 in terms of design, retaining the aggressive styling and possibly the twin instrument consoles; while the powerplant will be carried over from the RS 200.

Hence, the 199.5 liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engines will be plonked under the belly of the sports cruiser with ABS to be offered as optional. 

Speaking about the CS motorcycle segment and company’s product strategy, Eric Vas said, “Cruiser is a very interesting segment to be in and certainly it is one area we are looking at. I don’t want to specify what form it will take, what cubic capacity it will take. That’s because of our assessment of the market. Just like we showed a faired version of the 400cc Pulsar and we launched the 200cc variant. But yes, certainly we are looking at the cruiser sports (CS) segment and it is one way of growing the market.”

While Vas said that the Indian two-wheeler manufacturer has still not decided the engine displacement of the upcoming CS motorcycle citing market assessment, he did hint towards the product strategy of the Pulsar SS400 and RS200. 

While we expect to see Bajaj Pulsar RS200’s 199.5cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine on the upcoming CS200 motorcycle as well. The engine on the RS200 is capable of delivering a healthy 25.3 PS of power and 19.2Nm of torque. Using the same engine on both, the RS200 and CS200, would result in lower production cost and will help Bajaj price the upcoming product competitively.

At present Bajaj is assessing the possibility of bringing the cruiser sport offering; however, a timeline for launch wasn’t indicated by the manufacturer. Apart from the CS 200, Bajaj is also working to update the Avenger this year that continues to be a steady performer for the manufacturer. Should be launched by 2016

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