Thursday, 11 June 2015

Everything you should know about Xiaomi New Product Launch

Xiaomi looking forward to left no stone unturned and looking forward to expand their Roads of Technology to be used in Daily life. Without much we talk about the launch because there so much to talk about, the Chinese company had announced to have sold 14.2M Xiaomi phones in China for the Q1 of 2015 according to IHS, therefore beating Apple & Samsung.

Xiaomi Mi Router

The first one in our list is which have grabbed our attention and made us to say Waoo! That is Xiaomi Next Generation Mi Router, if you are think it just a Router than you should re-think its more than a router.  The company has made a lot of changes in the new Xiaomi router, including its design. Now, the device looks more of a router than a CPU, with a flatter rectangular design. It looks almost as thick as the older generation model, probably due to the massive storage that comes inside.

Yes you heard it right, Like the previous model, this new router comes with 1TB storage and those who wants more freedom for them there is 6TB Storage version also. As far as specifications are concerned, the Mi Wi-Fi supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, and under the hood is a 1.4GHz Broadcom 4709c dual-core chipset along with 512MB flash memory. It features dual-band support, and the company claims its PCB antennas improve 2.4G performance by 100 percent, and 5G performance by 30 percent. 

With a hard drive inside, the router can automatically take backups from your cameras or smartphones. The router is compatible with cameras from companies like Sony, Nikon, and Canon among others. As for smartphones both Android and iPhones are supported. With remote access, you will be able to access the content stored on the router via an Android or iOS app.

Another important feature is the through the app. Users can download and install the Xiaomi router app from the app store and can search for a number of titles. They can then keep the file for download remotely and the router will start downloading it back at home. So, once the user gets back, he or she can directly access that file. So that mean downloading Movie from torrent is now so easy.

Along with the Mi Wi-Fi router, Xiaomi has also launched the Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier. As the name suggests, you can plug in the amplifier to router to expand the Wi-Fi range. It’s a plug-and-play extension, so you don’t need to go through any complicated setup processes. 

The Mi Wi-Fi router has been launched in two variants — the variant with 1TB hard drive is priced at 499 Yuan (Rs 5,130 approximately), while the variant with 6TB hard drive is priced at 2,999 Yuan (Rs 30,844 approximately). The Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier, on the other hand, is priced at 39 Yuan (Rs 400 approximately).

Xiaomi Yeelight

The new Xiaomi Mi router was the highlight of the launches, but alongside it, we got to see several other accessories as well. First up is the Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp, The xiaomi Yeelight is by far the most astonishing innovation we have seen so far from xiaomi of any manufacturer for that matter.

The device is capable of illuminating up to 16 Million different color by soft touches. Inside, you get a high-quality OSRAM lamp, which is one of the leading lighting companies in the world. You have touch based controls on top of the lamp, or you can use your smartphone connected via Bluetooth to control the color shades of the bedside lamp. You have multiple color shade options such as cool or warm. The Xiaomi Bedside smart lamp will go on sale for 249 Yuan (Rs 2,500) in the near future.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset

This particular headset has won the prestigious 2015 German IF Design Award and features a special anti-stain coating in an one piece housing. The overall device measures 56 x 10 x 8mm and weighs just 6.5 grams making it ultra portable. You get 3 medical grade silicone ear caps as well.

The headset supports the latest Bluetooth 4.1 connection, which is based for interference with  the 4G network signals. It comes with automatic noise reduction and can connect to two phones simultaneously. As for talktime, the company claims that the device can run for 5 hours continuously on a single charge. To full charge it from zero percent, it will take about two hours. It boasts of 1 week of standby and can operate at a maximum distance of 10 meters. The Xiaomi Bluetooth headset will go on sale from June 18 for a price tag of 79 Yuan (Rs 799)

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