Sunday, 14 June 2015

Honda RC213V-S street-legal MotoGP racer bike goes on sale for Rs. 1.3 Crore

Honda is one of the leading advanced motorcycle manufacturers when it comes to powerful racing engines. Now the Whole World is talking & spreading like wildfire about the new Honda RC213V-S. The new bike is literally a road-legal version of the RC213V -- that's the bike that won the 2013 and 2014 MotoGP World Championships.

However, the surprise the new bike is generating isn't because of the technical performance or the related to its engine torque is due to the asking price -- €188,000, which is close to supercar pricing.

The RC213V-S is going to be incredibly rare -- Honda is going to strictly limit production numbers -- but exclusivity alone isn't enough to justify the price. For such sums the bike will have to go like a rocket, too.

The Honda RC213V-S will be one of the richest bikes when it comes to racing technology, as it invokes all the company’s learnings from the races it has competed in. To win world championship races, the motorcycle must be the fastest in the world, but according to Honda it must also be an easy machine to maneuver as well.

A few details: The RC213V-S is built in an exclusive workshop in the Kumamoto factory, and it’s powered by a compact 90-degree 999cc V-4 with titanium connecting rods. Mass is highly centralized, and race-derived features include an under-seat fuel tank and carbon-fiber-reinforced-plastic fairing. Honda says these parts come directly from the MotoGP bike: the swingarm, the slipper clutch, the magnesium Marchesini wheels (17 inch for the RC213V-S), the Öhlins fork, the adjustable footrests and foot controls, plus most of the Brembo brake components. The RC213V-S also has throttle-by-wire, selectable power modes, engine-brake control and traction control, with position-detection technology.

And this is where some have raised concern. The Grand Prix-winning bike develops over and above 235bhp from its 999cc V4 engine and that power plant is mated to Honda's phenomenal dual clutch transmission for lightning quick changes without easing off the throttle but road-going version has 157bhp and a traditional transmission. It's also 20kg heavier.

However, Honda does have one more trick up its sleeve. That €188,000 includes an optional racing kit for improving pretty much everything, but is only for on-track use. Fit the kit and the weight drops to 160kg, the power jumps to 212bhp, the engine will rev to 13000 rather than 11000rpm and the torque goes up to 118Nm. Now you are ready to race. 

The superbike will be priced at €188,000 (around Rs. 1.3 crores) inclusive of all taxes in Europe. Honda will start taking orders for the RC213V-S on July 13 from European, Australian, North American and Japanese clients. However, be warned, the performance kit is not currently an option for the US model.

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