Monday, 15 June 2015

Nokia developed the Gorgeous Moonraker Smartwatch before it was killed by Microsoft

Today apple watch has no competitor ever so to challenge its fate but back were the old days in the beginning when Apple Watch has just launched for the customer, Nokia has its answer in a form of "Moonraker" smartwatch but soon it was killed by Microsoft as soon the Company acquire Nokia.

It was not a just a concept it was more than that  as Working prototype devices were shown to potential customers at Mobile World Congress last year, and the smartwatch came close to launching. Nokia was planning to reveal its smartwatch alongside the Lumia 930, and Microsoft cancelled it around the time the company acquired Nokia's phone business

Dubbed the “Moonraker,” the device was shown off in all its glory on a now-deleted Tumblr blog run by a Microsoft design employee, with @evleaks and The Verge confirming the smartwatch isn’t just a fan-made concept, but an actual product that was designed by Nokia. 

Its More than a Watch 

Microsoft discontinued the project in favor of its own Band, and it’s likely Moonraker will remain dead for the foreseeable future. The Moonraker featured customizable watch faces and different colored straps. 

While the Moonraker had a number of sensors to allow you to lift your arm to read texts or drop it to turn off the display, Microsoft opted for the Band as it had more functionality. Nokia took the familiar "Metro" interface from Windows Phone and paired it with simple email, phone, and messaging apps on its smartwatch. There was even a camera remote feature to take pictures on a smartphone from the watch. Additionally, a camera remote app, as well as Facebook and MixRadio integration, were also built-in. 

The images above were made for marketing purposes rather than concept art. Nokia worked with the Metro UI interface when designing the watch, creating apps for email, phone and messages to run on it means this watch have all the essential feature that a Smartwatch should carry in their Soul. 

The company is developing a second-generation Microsoft Band 2 model that will be available after Windows 10 arrives. The device should have similar software to its predecessor, but better design. Well we does want to see Nokia Watch in future.


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