Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Opera Max now lets you Increase your Internet data by 50% on your Android Device

Do you Run out of you Data Plan? Or Fed duff from Slow Speed of your Internet Connection then the Opera has an answer for you an “Opera Max - Data management app” that’s give you the freedom to expand your data plan about 50% yes that what Opera Max claim, lets get into it.

So how does it work? Opera Max is an application that uses a VPN that connects to Opera servers. Those servers will compress data before sending it to the phone. The result is faster loading web pages that consume less data. This is great for people who have shoddy Web connections or limited data plans. Now, Opera Max is available in India.

Opera Max claims to shrink videos and photos across most apps on mobile data and Wi-Fi, thus reducing the data usage. After downloading you can head to setting and choose the Images & Video Quality from high to low on your bases. 

The app gives daily as well as monthly data statistics. And you can also see how much data has been saved in which apps. This is also a good way of figuring out which are the apps draining your data and while you can block that particular app by heading to “Block app” category it also help to get rid of annoying add on your favourite app like Ex – MX Player while blocking it you can further browse any Video freely without adds on it.

Since there is less data to load, Opera claims pages too load faster. And that seems to be a valid claim. You can block apps on both WiFi and mobile data in order to prevent them from using it. This is a great tool for those with limited web connections and it may also save a bit of battery. On top of web browsing, the app also works well in some social media sites like Instagram, some video streaming sites like Vimeo, and other potentially data-heavy applications.

Opera claims the app can condense a 10 MB video down to 3 MB without any noticeable loss of quality. I have tried it and found it there is no compromise with the quality while surfing website or Social Sites. Some of them load faster than previous. Try it yourself and feel the difference
Download Opera Max From Playstore

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