Friday, 5 June 2015

Report: Amazon India misleading & cheating all their Customers

Well If you think that Amazon service are best then you might to reconsidered your though again, it looks like that they like to play with the feeling of their customer and disappoint them in every aspect & in every phase that what we are seeing in the previous sale.

This is not a case of a single person but entire different state those are paralyzed with the Amazon pathetic services and their terms & condition.   

In Recent time Amazon India has added chart to their Service on that basic they are restricting their service to some of the states as shown (below) well in a talk with us they said it’s a government policy of those state but the story is different there is no such government policy nor government restrict the Maximum amount while you can check other Online store like Flipkart or Snapdeal they are delivering the product without any hassle, if it is the Government policy then it should be opt for all Online store which clearly state Amazon is lying with their customer.

There is also another Curve Story which states that they are themselves betraying their Chart. As chart shown above, In Madhya Pradesh were restriction for order is for about Rs 7000, We tested it on several product  and we found some of the product for above restriction price are easily available just like OnePlus one that too for COD on which people believe that Amazon don’t provide COD in MP on the electronic items

While other state like Bihar were people are unable to buy product even the price under the Rs 7000 as like Redmi 2, YU Yuphoria due to the Margin of Rs 1 as told by Amazon, Well in my though that’s pure cheating with the trust of their Customers and yes some more states are also getting involved in the restriction chart by Amazon one of the Newely added is the North-East State. 

It changed my View on Amazon seeing many people became the victim of Amazon fraud I might find Flipkart and Snapdeal for the perfect destination for your shopping list. Now Customer Satisfaction hardly matter for Amazon that we have seen in their Customer care services they don’t have any answer for our questions nor they are responding towards us. My purpose is to bring Real face of Amazon in front of you as the end of the day you will fell to be cheated & fooled by amazon its better to boycott and choose other Online Stores and I’ll also advice reputed company not to opt Amazon for your Exclusive sale of your product this will decrease your sale. If you have also faces similar issues with amazon drop your comment. And don’t forget to Spread and make everyone aware of it.

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