Sunday, 26 July 2015

Hot: AuraVR Virtual Reality Flexible Plastic Headset available on Amazon at ₹650

As OnePlus is holding their 1+2 launch tomorrow, while people around the World will be busy seeing the launch in Virtual reality with the help of OnePlus VR Carboard which is among the cheapest VR cardboard but definitely not easy to handle but this is not the case with well Design AuraVR VR. AuraVR is a durable VR headset that is made of flexible plastic which is inspired by Google Cardboard and purely ‘Made in India’

AuraVR is Google Cardboard inspired Full Plastic body virtual reality headset that enables smart phone users to view 3-D images,videos and play games in 3-D. Well any phones upto 6" screen and 15 mm thickness can fit into the AuraVR.

Considering the fact that it is made up of Flexible plastic it will be more durable as it’s using plastic material and the matte body finish also makes it stylish. What makes it different from a regular cardboard, Since Cardboard is more prone to wear and tear and therefore is not much durable. While the AuraVR is made of flexible plastic is more durable

Whats more special about its that it comes with adjustable overhead elastic headband which adds more comfort level to AuraVR so you don’t need to hold the VR all the time like in the case of other regular Cardboard VR that comes without a headband and can be a pain for your hand. Not only this Aura VR comes with cushion padding inside. This cushion padding holds your phone inside and provides a firm grip. Therefore there are minimal chances of phone slipping out of the box.

This AuraVR truly is a ‘made in India’ product designed and manufactured in India by small start-up company in Chandigarh. The Aura VR is priced at Rs 650 available in White and Black colour option on Amazon. You can buy it from the link below it while checkout the compatible apps with it.

Buy AuraVR from Amazon

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