Friday, 10 July 2015

Xiaomi Teases Mysterious Device to be launch on 16th July; Whats underneath the Metal Frame ?

We are not talking about Aamir Khan PK over here but we are talking about Xiaomi New Launch on 16th July which shows the Metal Body and Termed as “PK”. Today we try to Reveal out whats behind the Metal body concentrating upon the New Leaks which may be Related to “PK”

First of all what we think it can be the Much awaited Mi Pad 2 with Metal Body frame. While its has been more than a year Xiaomi launched the Mi Pad and Now its lying for the update not in terms of Software but also in looks. While the pictures of Mi Pad 2 has been leaked on 30th March.

Which clearly show that New Mi Pad 2 will reside in Metal Frame. It is being said that the tablet will also feature a glass back, giving it that premium look. The size will be same as previous generation 7.9inch will be introduce in MIUI 6, It will be nice to see if Mi Pad 2 could come with an upgrade from the NVIDIA Tegra K1 to the NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor that was just unveiled at CES 2015. The good part is that it has been rumored to come with 4G LTE for calling purpose over being Only WiFi model, But with the additional of metal frame it might not be cheaper than expected to be.

Secondly, it can be MiTV 3 in all new Metal frame while looking at the dept of the promotional picture it can be hard to get that amount of Dimension for the Metal Frame that too in TV previously Samsung also tried it but they achieved with very beautiful design but they couldn’t achieve this much slimness in their TV, while if we get wrong in that case you will going to see New 48inch MiTV slightly less than previous 49inch Model and it might come with 64bit processor as per leak on 6th July.

Lastly, we can say that you want to hear, the Redmi Note 2 as with same dimensional picture were leaked before but the device shown in the promotional picture looks bigger in size than the Redmi Note 2. However, it is also possible Xiaomi will announce something unexpected at that event beyond our Imagination till the launch date we can assume and say “Yeah PK kiya hai” For more Inside detail about the launch like our Mi Redmi Note 2 pro facebook page.

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