Saturday, 1 August 2015

Xiaomi and Huawei working together on a Next Virtual Reality Technology

The Future is all about Virtual Reality Technology and after seeing their importance in OnePlus two launch we can say the future lies within it. As HTC and Sony has managed to succeed in making their own Virtual reality Technology, Now its time for Chinese Ginatic to Register their name in Virtual Reality technology.

Here we are talking about the Two biggest Giants of Chinese Tech World that is Xiaomi and Huwaei working together on a project  to develop their own Virtual Reality Technology as per Gizmochina Report.

“At the ChinaJoy expo, Storm Technologies CEO Feng Xin revealed that Huawei and Xiaomi are currently working together to develop their own virtual reality technology and added that the companies plan to officially unveil their work during the third or fourth quarter of this year.”

While its good to see two of the biggest companies in China coming together and helping out each other for Future Technology, While both of the company chosen to remain silent on this matter.

Well its too early to say about the Virtual Reality product but I wish if they counterpart Sony Virtual Reality and give us some controllers to control our emotions as well as motions. The good part is it will be not as pricey as others. Till then Like our Mi Redmi Note pro page to get latest update on it! Do also check out India made AuraVR Virtual Reality available on amazon

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