Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Android fans unite to take Apple ‘Move to iOS’ app down

As you know Apple releases their first Android app on Google Playstore. People were accepting that Apple would release apps like iCloud, tools or they might bring one of its services to Android, but then what we get a application which is called Move to iOS Seriously, How Disrespectful to Android fans. But then, Android fans know how to treat the Apple app well on the playstore by giving it a Horrifying Rating in return.

As you can imagine, Move to iOS has been getting bombed with one-star reviews on the Google Play Store and Android fans have listed a plethora & funny reviews against it. We have some of them below!

It looks like this is the first time when all Android fans united against Apple app and mocks it down.  Move to iOS managed to get almost 36,000 reviews in under a week, which is definitely an accomplishment for Apple. Here comes the baddest news (at least for Apple) is that almost 30,000 of these are 1-star reviews! Now Apple’s app sits at a 1.7-star rating, which is the one of a kind Horrifying ratings in the Google Play Store.

Not only this, A developer by the name of Jonatthias released an app called Stick with Android on the Google Play store. 

 “Everything about Android is designed to be easy. That includes sticking with it. With just one step, you can keep your content automatically and securely on your Android device with the Stay on Android app. No need to save your stuff elsewhere before staying on Android. The Stay on Android app securely keeps you away from switching to another (worse) platform.”

In fact, the app is so simple that it only contains a single button, one which reads “Click here to stick with Android.” Once you click it, your phone will magically stay an Android phone, and you can keep clicking without any threat of iOS invading your life. 

Well the most surprising part is that the reviews are far more positive for Stick with Android than they were for Move to iOS, with the average currently sitting at 4.9/5.


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