Sunday, 13 September 2015

Top 5 Android Apps that you need it Most on your Smartphone

We always try to make your boring Sunday more into a Funday by bringing lot more cool apps on your favorite Android Smartphone no matter how boring your Smartphone can be but with these apps we surely gonna fuel up your Smartphone

Today we gonna share Top 5 Newely Android Apps that your dyeing Android Smartphone need to live up a new life, lots of the apps you’ll find on playstore and for free. In this list we have try to listed all the necessary categories.  

Walnut (India Only)

Weather you are a Businessman or a Student you always try to track your expenses whenever you get it in term of Salary or a pocket money specially when you need to save it for bigger purchase or expensive gift but probably get failed all the time. In that case Walnut is the important tool that you need and which can rescue you from this situation. Walnut track your expenses by keeping the eyes on your messaging box, its collects all transaction data like bill payment, recharge, withdrawls, others and arrange them in pie or bar charts as per your need which shows your daily or monthly expenses on bill, online shopping,  tickets etc. Its does show your total monthly expenses and all time expenses in one place so you know were are your expenses going.  

Play Store link – Download


KittyPlay is more than just the app, it will be not wrong to say that KittyPlay is itself a Playstore which store all necessary thing that your Smartphone needs. I was bit surprise how small this app is and there is so much in it. This app has all the important features of top Android App for which you probably waste your time on searching it in playstore whether it is wallpaper, Themes,Ringtone, widgets, font, Icon etc and if your phone is rooted then you get a chance to have fun with some of its exclusive feature. Don’t believe me try it out with yourself 

Play Store link – Download


Drupe is a tiny app that’s lets you to save your precious time and fast enough to respond to your commands. The app has a quite unique interference where you get all your favorite contacts and apps in one place all you need to do is Just swipe the contact to the app you've chosen and get in touch with your friend or family. A semi-transparent trigger icon is always with you to access your favorite contacts 
Play Store link – Download

Fingerprint AppLock (Real)

The latest offering from Smartphone Companies these days come with inbuilt fingerprint Scanner and by seeing the one of the latest Smartphone with fingerprint recognition system in your friends hands you get jealous of it you might want one of these phone but your condition are not such. We wont promise you to grow a fingerprint scanner on your Smartphone in a day but we surely have its alternate which is Fingerprint AppLock (Real).  The application is extremely easy to use but first time it takes time to setup 

      One can choose which digit to scan (any of your left or right hand's five fingers), and then it becomes a question of placing said digit in front of the rear camera and snapping a bunch of macro photos. The app then extracts actual fingerprint readings from these images, learns them, and becomes impressively consistent at recognizing finger patterns from them and its quite accurate 

Play Store link – Download


Our Top 5 list is incomplete without Games which your Android Smartphone needed the most as well as you to kill out your boring time. Here we bring you beautiful Unkilled Android Game in which  NYC is the center of the world's latest zombie outbreak. You are Joe, member of the anti-zombie unit WOLFPACK, a private military organization designed to find, track, and eliminate the zombie menace before it becomes global. In this first-person shooter, you get to accomplish some three hundred missions, enemies including bosses, and over 50 weapons. Dont forget to Share it.

Play Store link – Download

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