Tuesday, 15 September 2015

World’s biggest Selfie service launched by Tourism Australia!

The Craze for Selfie in youth is something that we all are very much aware of it. Sometime to capture the Most precious moment with your friend & family the small camera lens is just not enough instead you need GIGA Selfie. Tourism of  Australia is now offering tourists massive selfies from hundreds of metres away.

If you are about to visit Australia or If you’re in Australia and happen to find yourself at a location that’s just begging for a selfie, you can put away your selfie stick for good. Instead, find a nearby GIGA Selfie platform and make sure you have the GIGA Selfie app. Now, you can proceed to use the app to take a photo of yourself via a fixed camera located 100 of feet away Somewhere in the coast! Tadaaaa!! Its as simple as that.

The Next step will be taken by GIGA Selfie camera as it produce extremely high resolution photo is sent directly to your phone where you can zoom in and out to your heart’s content.  

These service are specially targeted toward Japanese Visitors as Japan was Australia's sixth largest market for tourists in 2014, according to the agency, with more than 320,000 visitors. 

The Gold Coast was once a thriving hub of Japanese tourists but numbers have dwindled over the past decades.Tourism Australia data showed Japan was Australia's sixth largest inbound market in 2014 and fifth largest in terms of spending. It was tipped that tourist numbers would grow 10 per cent in 2015 and up to 20 per cent in 2016.

That’s a very Innovative way to attract selfie obsessed tourist and at a same time it will help to rise the Australia tourism but we still failed to find the GIGA Selfie Camera base but if you have something to share or you know were the Selfie camera lie do share it in our comments, for rest visit GIGA Selfie Australian website but before than learn Japanese – GIGA Selfie by Tourism Australia

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