Thursday, 24 September 2015

Xiaomi Notebook is in real, Officialy entering the Notebook market in Q1 2016

After many Rumors  & Speculation about Xiaomi is preparing to enter the Notebook Industry, finally the things getting clearer and this Rumor is soon going to turn into real, yes Xiaomi is really preapring its one of a Kind Notebook with the help of Inventec which is popular among making Notebook and Mobile devices. 

Richard Lee, the Chairman of Inventec has said that “I am upbeat about the business outlook for Xiaomi’s notebook computers, as the firm has more than 200 million registered smartphone users. I am not sure if the smartphone approach will be applicable to notebooks, but I expect Xiaomi’s entry into the notebook industry to bring something new to the market.”

While the Designers belonging to both Xiaomi and Inventec are going to join hands in order to produce a laptop that is going to look striking similar to Apple’s MacBook lineup of notebooks, with the primary difference being that the upcoming laptops are going to have a very affordable pricing variable.

Inventec Laptop
As per the Configuration, The Rumors mills has started again to churn out as per them Mi notebook will be equipped with the latest Intel Core i7 processor, equipped with (2 * 8GB) of dual-channel memory, with 15 inches of 1080p screen supply by Samsung, Will run through the depth customization of Linux systems, while we expect the International version to equip with Window 10. Price is expected to be 2,999 yuan ($500) Rs 30,000

“We will start shipping Xiaomi’s notebook computers in the first or second quarter of next year,” Lee added. While Lee is smart enough not to leak any crucial information regarding the components that are going to be used in the Xiaomi branded laptops. What your though on it ? Don’t forget to share 


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