Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Xiaomi Opened up their First ever Modern Retail Store In Beijing

Xiaomi is one of the most popular brand in the World. However  Xiaomi is China’s number one smartphone manufacturer, and they managed to sell over 60 million smartphones last year. Xiaomi keen to change last year no, that’s the reason the company want to change its policy from being an Online Seller now moving into their own physical Stores.

Recently Xiaomi  Redmi Note 2 had just reached the 2 million sales mark. Now The company’s CEO, Lei Jun, has opened Xiaomi’s first physical store in Beijing. It will be the first store where consumers will actually be able to purchase Xiaomi products.

Not only this, consumers will not only be able to purchase devices there, but also repair them if necessary. This New store would help Consumers to physical buy Xiaomi devices without the need to order them online. 

Xiaomi New store will provide users with a complete experience of purchasing one of the most desirable Android powered smartphones on the market. That’s not all, but those customers who are going to be making their smartphone purchase for the very first time will also be receiving a ‘hands on’ experience of the functionality of the smartphone that they wish to purchase.

As per picture you can see how beautifully & highly decorated the store is furnished with Xiaomi Mascot, accessories, MiTV. The customer will receive a complete hands on experience of their favorite Xiaomi Device. It a store were all Xiaomi products from Small pin to Elephant lie here.

Previously, Xiaomi relied on e-commerce services and other online retailers that would help its products to sell but with the start of a physical store Xiaomi can complete its highly demand of their Smartphone and help to achieve their Goals with high no. of sale. Well the Star of this store will be New Redmi Note 2. Xiaomi can also open up the physical Store in Bangalore & New Delhi in near future. Stay tuned with us on Redmi Note 2 Fb page for more info on it.     

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