Friday, 16 October 2015

A Most Super Expensive iPhone 6 can cost you as much as a small island?

We all know that iPhone 6 is expensive but did you know it can be Super Expensive as much as a small island. It all happens because of Goldgeni What Goldgenie? Who? I know you must be questioning yourself right know about it and we will answer to your all question in next phrase.

Goldgenie is a company that specialises in providing customization of household items. The service is primarily used to customize mobile phones, games consoles, and household items with gold, copper, nickel, chrome and platinum plating, solid gold, Swarovski crystals and diamonds. Customers order products via the Internet, or send their own items to be customized

Goldgenie are England's talented masters of making already expensive smartphones over three times as premium by enriching them with precious metals and jewelry. Basically, they sell phones to Usain Bolt, David Beckham, and P Diddy for a living.

One day, Goldgenie got so busy at work that they ended up producing the most expensive iPhone 6 that we happen to know of. Made of 24-carat gold and encrusted with dozens of diamonds, the prized handset costs as much as $3.51 million (Rs 35 lakhs). More than a small island, in fact.

Being an exclusive device with a price tag few can afford, the 'Diamond Ecstasy' iPhone 6 can be customised further according to the client's demands. There's a choice between gold, platinum, and the very fashionable rose-gold.

Goldgenie, previously also ended up making a custom order gold iPhone 6 covered in no less than 6,127 diamonds, all for the reasonable sum of $2.62 million. Ulala!! 

Source – Phonearena

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