Sunday, 8 November 2015

Watch a driver crashing his Million Dollar Ferrari minutes after buying it and gets time to light up his cigar

Millions of people Dream about owning a Ferrari in their Garage Someday but what stops them is the Million Dollar price tag for Ferrari and then there are some drivers like this one who crashes the Ferrari in minutes after buying it like a Rookie.

A video posted by YouTube user Gábor Grubits shows a man in Budapest crashing a $1.4 million LaFerrari just minutes after he bought it and drove it off the lot.

You’ll find the quality in the video not so good that because Grubits admits that it was “recorded with potato” but you can clearly see a red LaFerrari switching lanes and then trying to accelerate ahead of another car to execute a rapid turn… only to fail and crash into a parked car.

The driver didn’t say much and hasn’t really been under much of stress after the crash as he lit up a cigar while he was taking out the cover for the car from the trunk, while he explained. “The car slipped out of control when the owner tried to suddenly accelerate. The owner blamed the tires being cold for having no grip.”

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