Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Watch what happens when iPhone 6S met with Hot Magma? - Will it survive or.....?

The iPhone 6S could be the most precious thing in someone life especially when they buy it for the first time. They took extra care of iPhone 6S polish it gently and use it with manner and then there are guy like TechRax who threw his iPhone 6S in molten lava and let lava do the talking.

It would be the most-most bizarre iPhone drop test to be found on the Internet. This video surely make you heart pop out when you see $1060 (Rs 70,000) set on fire. 

The Californian tech enthusiasts destroyed the new rose gold model on camera and what happen next is hard to imagine for any iPhone lover. The new iPhone 6s in Rose Gold is placed in the path of a slow-moving flow of lava to see what happens. As the lava agonisingly consumes the device it unsurprisingly catches fire in seconds and explodes open but what happen next will it survive from hot magma, let video do the talking.

We’ll advice neither you to try this anywhere because nor you are Bill Gates and nor you are too silly people to waste cash like this.  

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