Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Celebrate this New Year by Gifting yourself these Gizmo Gadgets

New year is just around the corner and you might be planning to spend the first day of your new year with you family or on a vacation tour and you might have already decided your new year revolution and we are very much sure that you will obliged to it, let take all new revolution with us and gift yourself these gadgets on this New Year.

X8 Stylish Freerider Skatecycle Second Generation

A  Fashionable and ergonomically designed freerider skatecycle, providing you with an excellent sports feeling. The main support is made of aluminum alloy & very much durable to use. You can slide at any direction while PU wearable wheel, suitable for any ground and it comes with anti-slide pedal, safer to use. The max load bearing is up to 250kg and Suitable for people who are more than 12 years old. You can checkout more details in the link given below 

Transformers Style Three Wheel Scooter Suitcase

You must be planning for the vacation or upto it don’t you? Well in that case nothing comes as secure as your suitcase but sometime it can be painful to move your suitcase from one place to another. Don’t worry we are going to Introduce a fun way to step on these vacation without any burden of your luggage with the help of “Transformers Style Three Wheel Scooter Suitcase” 

Specially designed luggage bag with scooter function, Luggage bag and trolley 2 in 1 design to save your energy. It is made of Durable aluminum alloy material made rod, not easy to be broken. Great for people who always on business traveling with this suitcase, you never need to worry about the long distance in waiting hall of airport or railway station

W02 Universal Car Head Up Display Projector

Are you planning for a long drive with your family & friends then it’s really important that you follow up the rules and never drive your car above the speed limit and in this “W02 Universal Car Head Up Display Projector” might help you. 

W02 Head Up Display is designed for preventing accident, which can project important information (e.g. vehicle speed) onto the front windshield at the eye level of the driver. Besides, the display location and brightness can be adjusted through automatic induction, which can prevent the driver from looking down at the instrument panel and shorten the time of eyes for the blind spot in front. This can avoid breaking rules and regulations due to speeding in many speed-limited sections. What's more important, it can enable the driver to read the number instantly without shifting horizon, which is of vital value in reducing traffic accidents caused by absent-mind due to looking down. 

Nitecore HC30 LED Headlamp

Have you thought how would you go through the dark at night while campaigning outside, well there is no fear when Nitecore HC30 LED Headlamp is near, it is Constructed from tough areo-grade aluminum alloy and ergonomic head switch design, Nitecore HC30 brings unparalleled performance to a comfortable way so that you can navigate the night with confidence while you use your hands to collect firewood or maintain your balance on a steep path. With its 1000 lumens brightness and compact lightweight design, HC30 ignites your outdoor experience in as many ways as your imagination goes!

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