Sunday, 20 December 2015

Contribute to Google Translatathon India and win a Android One handset as a reward

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Google need your help, well it’s quite the rarest thing you can ever hear on the Internet but its true actually Google is tangled between 22 different languages employed in India and only you can sort out Google language problem, Here’s how…

If you are fluent in Bengali, Telugu, and Tamil, then Google needs your help. The company is looking for you to translate into English certain words and phrases in those languages during its second Translatathon, which ends on December 30th.

“There are 22 official languages in India. And while Google Translate can help you with nine of them at the moment, languages that are under-represented on the Internet like Bengali, Telugu, and Tamil could use a little help. This is where people who are passionate about their native languages like you can use the Translate Community tool to make a big difference”

Google's previous Transalathon drew 20,000 helpers who contributed over 1 million new translations for Hindi. The 50 most active volunteers will win an Android One phone.

Here’s how; if you're an Indian citizen, register from below. Once that is accomplished, you will be able to access the Translate Community Tool. Once logged in, using the same Gmail address you registered with, click on "Translate" or "Validate" to start contributing.

At the end of the contest period, Google will tally up the score and the top 50 scores above 20 will receive the free phone. Winners will be announced on January 30th. Best of Luck

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