Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Nokia C1 new Details emerges in terms of Spects and features

Nokia the brand you might be missing it from long time and want to hear more & more about it as you might be emotionally attached with this brand. Well I remember clearly my first Mobile phone comes from Nokia brand 3310 and it’s not so technical feature were more than enough to excite me all. Now Nokia is coming back and this time with Technical & improvise Android on it.   

This news is enough to excite Nokia fans and bring back there Glory days. In real world Nokia C1, is expected to be Nokia’s first smartphone after it makes its return to the space in 2016 that too with Android package. 

The NPU have yet again shared the press renders of the Nokia C1, which were the same source of previous leak. He also claims that the smartphone will be launched in two variants differing on size and a few specs and also and Nokia has moved to prototyping of a much more advanced model.

The first variant of Nokia C1 is expected to feature a 5-inch 1080p Display, 64 bit unknown processor, 2GB of RAM for the 32GB storage variant. In terms of Photography 8-megapixel will be a back bone and 5-megapixel cameras for the chest. 

The other variant of Nokia C1 is expected to feature 5.5-inch 1080p display and 3GB of RAM for the 64GB storage variant. While slightly higher 13-megapixel for back and 5-megapixel cameras for front in 64GB variant. 

In line with last week’s leak, the Nokia C1 will run on Android, and certain variants are also expected to run on Windows 10 in selected markets. Foxconn again may get the honors to launch first Nokia-branded smartphones next year.

Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri confirmed the company’s intentions to return to the phone business. The Finnish company is currently not allowed to use the Nokia branding on any smartphone as a part of the non-compete clause with Microsoft that ends in Q4, 2016.

You might be considering about the price tag, So Nokia has said it would be hitting budget section first so if we had to take a wild guess the 5 inch variants could be priced closed to Rs 10,000 ($151) and for the bigger variant it can go with Rs 15,000 ($250)

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