Monday, 14 December 2015

Video: iPad brutally shot by Helicopter Mini-Gun

iPad vs Helicopter Mini-Gun

Your iPad might be a part of your life and the most lovable thing in your life and you have also right to be harsh on it no matter whether you drop it or you kicked it or might stumble upon it but you want be so harsh on your iPad like Richard Ryan (in this video) have been to its iPad

That’s what’s Richard Ryan done to his iPad who has sweetly but intentionally destroyed his iPad by firing at it with a 3,000 rounds per minute assault helicopter mini-gun. Yes. Really. That’s a pretty nasty blow to any iPad ever.

Ironically the iPad couldn’t survive to tell its tale further. The screen gets shattered, but overall the tablet holds itself pretty well - doesn't fall apart into pieces, while considering the 7.62mm rounds pounding it.