Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Xiaomi Mi Notebook confirmed to feature Intel processor inside & Metal body outside

It is no secret that Xiaomi is preparing to enter the Notebook Industry with it Revolutionary one of a kind Notebook. Previously we have reported that Inventec & Lenovo is helping Xiaomi to develop their first Notebook which shall be ready within Next Year. Now more leak news coming up from china….

The new leak suggest that Mi Notebook will feature a Metal design to achieve the gorgeous look despite the Metal design, Xiaomi will keep the price of the laptop down to the bare minimum which helps to attract their customer even more.

The Second leak comes from a renowned tech analyst named; Sun Changxu says that Mi Notebook and Huawei notebooks will feature Intel processors because the processors both companies normally use aren’t compatible with Windows due to its x86 architecture, that mean it has been confirmed that bot the Notebook will be powered by Intel processor.

Previously it was assumed that Xiaomi produces their own processors for their flagship smartphones so they might be developing their own processor for their laptop as well. Additionally, she stated that Huawei’s laptop will most probably be targeted towards business users while Xiaomi’s laptop will be targeted at mainstream consumers.

The Fresh new leak also suggest that Xiaomi OEM notebook being produced by ODM partners in British industry and Huawei laptops by BYD Electronic was published by insiders.

As per the Configuration, Xioami is expected to launch 2 models of Mi Notebook that will flaunt 13.3Inch & 15.6inch with Full HD Display, the smaller variant could feature an i5 processor underneath it while the bigger variant could feature a Intel i7 inside it and smaller variant could feature 8GB of Ram while other one to come up with 16GB of Ram. 

The launch date has been shifted of Mi Notebook from Q1 2016 to now on Q2 2016. Well the price of Smaller Mi Notebook variant will be Rs 30,000($500) and the other one way above it.


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