Sunday, 10 January 2016

A Mysterious Device appeared with New Snapdragon 820 in Geekbench, It could be Samsung Galaxy S7

Qualcomm has already revealed LeTV Le Max to be the first phone with Snapdragon processor 820 but now who will be the next to flaunt the Red dragon chip inside it. Xiaomi Mi 5 is the other one to flaunt the Snapdragon 820 to be slated to launch in February and then there is another mysterious device appeared online tonight.

In Geekbench database a device which appeared with a strange name “RAIN RAIN A3000” comes preloaded with latest Snapdragon 820 processor what’s make it more special is that it’s a revised 2 version slightly powerful than before.   

If you look at LeTV or Xiaomi Mi 5 both of them on “revision 1”, The benchmark doesn’t reveal about the manufacturer behind this device, other than just a strange name “RAIN RAIN A3000” which is more likely to be the codename of this device.

What more comes with Snapdragon 820 is rocking 4GB of Ram that will make your multitasking easy and latest Android Marshmallow, As for the scores, In the single-core test they are similar to the LeTV and Xiaomi Gemini models but in Multi Score test revised 2 version is much better. 

So which smartphone could be this RAIN RAIN A3000? Well are close guess will be only Samsung Galaxy S7 as Samsung yet to announced their Smartphone and Samsung wants the best for its flagship device & other than that it could be OnePlus 3.