Sunday, 7 February 2016

Amazon Introduces New Returns Policies for Mobile phones

Return policy, Amazon

Amazon has one of the best Returns Policies for Mobile phones in e-commerce website but recently Amazon has made changes to its Returns Policies for all mobiles phones that you will be going to buy from now on.

The changes in Returns Policies will be applicable from on or after 7th February 2016. The New Return policies, says if in case there is a defect you can ask for replacement only not for refund. 

Well, Prior to this upgraded policy, anyone who bought a mobile phone from Amazon and those fulfilled by Amazon were eligible for a refund for whatever reason. But from now on you will not get a refund, however if you receive a damaged phone or a defective one you will get free replacement.

Previously, the policy was too easy & lenient for many users, who took the advantage of it by just simply replacing the handset just because they did not like it, even though the device was working fine and pretty good! 

So now on you have to be extra careful while buying the new Mobile phone from Amazon as per new return policy guidance you will be only liable for Return only not refund whether you liked the device or not and Moreover it also says that the replacement of defective / damaged unit will be applicable within 10 days for purchase. You can check the new Amazon policy here. So Whats your though on this, Drop your comments below?