Friday, 26 February 2016

Freedom 251 to sail on Freeme OS pretty similar to MIUI OS

Freedom 251 has all eyes over it from around the World that, How can a Smartphone sail at the price of Rs 251 ($4) and that with Incredible awesome spects including a 1GB Ram that because of it the World gone gaga over it not sure about Lady Gaga does she know about it, Well after all negative news there are some positive news coming about it, finally freedom 251 taking its shape.

Shanghai-based Droi Technology today announced that the Freedom 251 smartphone will run on its Freeme OS based on Android 5.1 (Lollipop). It was further stress that the prototype version, shown during launch, was running a forked Android OS with similar theme and icons as the iPhone. 

“It has ‘light’, self-starting notification and suspension window to reduce consumption for clear page,” said the company.
FreemeOS is friendly, elegant, smooth and agile, while it supports most Android Apps and pretty much similar to what you have seen in Xiaomi phone yes we are talking about MIUI. 

Both the OS have a white background with a black font. The MIUI 6 uses a bold font. The Freeme OS, uses a similar design to the Meizu Flyme. You can change the text describing each tab by scrolling your finger left to right.

Furthermore, the Freeme OS has the settings menu divided into two blocks. On the left side is the basic Settings menu, while on the right side is the expanded menu.

One of Freeme OS’ best features is its letting its multi-task menu floating over the interface, similar to iPhone’s Assistive Touch. In the screen, there is a small white circle that you can click to open the multi-task function. However, unlike with the iPhone, the multi-task bar shows apps such as the calculator and video player. It’s very practical. 

In configuration, this smartphone is equipped with 4-inch screen, 3.2 megapixel camera, and 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, supporting 3G networks. 1G RAM, 8G of memory, 32G extended memory. What's more, Google Play, WhatsApp, Facebook and Youtube etc are all preinstalled. Freedom 251 smart phone is apparently simple. The battery is 1400mAh.So what you thing about the Freedom 251 OS do tell us in comments! 

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