Thursday, 18 February 2016

How to buy Freedom 251 phone Sucessfully; What's makes Freedom 251 so cheap?

freedom 251 mobile booking online, How to buy?

The Freedom 251 phone creating a lot of Buzz and driving lots of people crazy whether after its announcement or after its website malfunctioning for the day. While considering its price tag of Rs 251($3.69) it’s the cheapest Smartphone you can ever buy in the whole world but getting it successfully it’s the most difficult task and we are here to make it easy for you.  

However, for now the company has paused the booking for freedom 251 phone on their website due to overloaded servers they’ll be back again after 24 hours and in the meantime they are going to update their website on further responsive servers. 

Points to be considered before Buying Freedom 251 

# The Freedom 251 still not gone over the production or Manufacturing line! That because it’s still in development phase! So basically you are booking for nothing 

# The main aim of Ringing Bell is to raise funds for their manufacturing plant from booking amount and will produce mobile phone as per demand of freedom 251, while we hardly believe on it. 

# The company says it may take up to 4 months for your unit to ship - so keep that in mind before you book a Freedom 251. Given the company's lack of any kind of a track record, there's an outside chance that it may never ship at all.

How to Buy Freedom 251?

# Head to the official website with any of these tricky links

# Before clicking Buy Now button delete your browser cache 

# Note that the Ringing Bells is charging Rs. 40 for shipping Freedom 251 to your home so the total you will need to pay is Rs. 291.

# Enter your shipping address, accept the terms and conditions and click on Pay Now to proceed to the payment page.

NOTE: The unsuccessful First day for Freedom 251 could lead to extract booking dates beyond 21st
Whats make Freedom 251 cheapest Smartphone in the World? 

First of all there is no subsidy from the Government at all. "The Freedom 251 takes full advantage of the benefits provided by Make In India and Startup India." said Ringing Bell, president Ashok 
Chadha. Chadha admitted the phone had a manufacturing cost of around Rs.2,500. But, he explained, there was a unique business model behind the phone helping the company sell it at a price of Rs.251.

"If you look at the Indian market, it is at 2-crore units a month. If you take 30 per cent of that, then you achieve economies of scale," he said. Chadha revealed the phone would be initially manufactured in the company's Noida and Uttrakhand plants. He claimed that each of these plants could manufacture 5 lakh units per month. Ringing Bells also wants to open at least three more such manufacturing units in the country. "Because of this economies of scale, we reduce the cost of the phone by around Rs.500," revealed Chadha.

Although, the economies of scale doesn't explain how a company will be able to absorb loses when it will sell a phone with around Rs.2,000 manufacturing cost at a price of Rs.251. So Chadha tried again. The bill of materials [cost of the parts] for a phone like this is around Rs. 2,000 - by making in India we take away around Rs. 400 from that; by selling online we cut overheads and save another Rs. 400," explained Chadha. "And as the numbers go up, we're not talking lakhs but much more, we save another Rs. 400 from economies of scale. And then, our platform becomes big, and attractive to others, so we can then highlight products that are worth buying for our customers, and this is another source of income. We will pass all of this on to the customers, we want to make only a small profit per unit. The phone, which is assembled mostly in India, takes advantage of duty exemptions that amount to 13.8 per cent.

This is just the first step, and over time we will introduce more handsets, at different price points as well. And in a year or two we want to launch a Bell SIM card which will also have some unique features," added Mohit Goel, Director, Ringing Bells.

The answer & explanation of Mr Chadha are not so convincing and what about you? Do you feel the same comment you thoughts in our comment section!