Thursday, 10 March 2016

Top 7 new features to look forward in Google’s Android N; Here's the answer to its next name

Google surprised everyone on Wednesday by releasing the Android N Developer Preview significantly earlier than expected. Google has made lit of improvement in their latest Android N Preview. Unlike before, you no longer need to unlock the bootloader and flash the latest system files. This time around, Google has simplified the process of installing the developer preview version via OTA (over-the-air) update. We also reveal the Secret Name behind the Android N.

 The Android N Developer preview offers a look at new features which will be available in the next Android build, lets take a look to it. 

Multi-window support: The most important change you’ll find the multi-window feature that’s allows you to run two apps side-by-side, both on your smartphone and tablets. This isn’t actually a new feature as Samsung had already implemented it on its Galaxy smartphones. The company has also added resize option for apps which can be done by dragging the divider between them

Notification enhancements: Google has also redesigned notifications in Android N build which will include template updates, bundled notifications, direct reply, and custom view. Users will be able to reply to text messages right from the notification panel, without having to open it while I am using this feature from 6 month with the help of Snowball. 

The Quick Settings panel has also received some tweaks that Google says makes it even "more useful and convenient." In Android N, more room has been added for additional Quick Settings tiles. Further, users will be able to control over what Quick Settings tiles should appear and where they are displayed. For changing the tiles, users can just move or add tiles just by dragging and dropping them.

Improved data saver: Google has introduced an all-new Data Saver mode, which will help reduce cellular data use by apps. After activating the data saver mode from settings, the system blocks background data access to apps, which will help save data consumption.

Number blocking: Android N adds native support for number blocking, allowing users to keep the unwanted callers at bay. Google says that the new feature will apply to the default messaging app, the default phone app, and third-party provider apps can also read from and write to the blocked-number list. One of the biggest advantages of having the number-blocking feature in system is that blocked numbers will persist across resets and devices through the Backup & Restore feature.

Always-On VPN: Android N also gets support for always-on VPN. When a user starts work related apps, the system will automatically start them via VPN they are configured for. To set always on VPN, users can head over to Settings > More > VPN.

Svelte, the background optimizer: It focuses on optimizing the RAM usage in an effort to minimize the memory used by the apps and the system. Project Svelte aims to optimize the apps that run in the background. Proper handling of background apps can not only speed up the Android device but also help in conserving battery life hogged by apps.

Other feature of Android N: Some of the other changes introduced in Android N include a redesigned user interface for system Settings, which now includes a hamburger button on the left side of the screen for quickly jumping to a different option without hitting back to main menu; Android N also adds framework interfaces and platform support for OpenGL ES 3.2; new app switching feature with recent button which also doubles for split-screen option, and Night mode is now available in Android N. 

Now we get back to its main thing, What’s in a name? but here’s everything is in the name, A post was sent out by Google’s VP of Engineering at Android, Hiroshi Lockheimer, a little earlier today which further looked to expand on the developer preview release of Android N. What was interesting though, is the line Lockheimer used to close out the post. The line reads as follows, “So, the burning question that’s on everyone’s mind: what will the N release be named? We’re nut telling’ you yet.” Now, of course the instant reaction to this will be that this is Google’s way of suggesting the name of Android N on release will be ‘Nutella’.