Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Counter-Strike hacked to run on Android phones; Here's how to Install & play

No doubt Counter-Strike is the world most played and popular Game but its absence from Android playstore is quite disappointing for Gamers. Now it’s time to Rejoice and thank Developer Alibek Omarev for bringing back are memories to our Favourite Android device.

It’s the result of Alibek Omarev hardwork who has completely rewritten the code to make Counter-Strike 1.6 work on Android devices. He has managed to get all the controls on-screen, right from moving around to firing and refilling the ammo.

Omarev has also posted the source code on Github for those who want to tweak things around. A user has also shared a video on YouTube (here), which shows off the game running on an Android. And if you’re wondering how to get it running on your smartphone, follow the steps mentioned below.

Requirement: The Most important thing you need before proceeding to the installing purpose is Counter-Strike 1.6 itself install on your PC.

Step 1: You’ll need to download and install this APK file. There are two APK files here – use the one with omp suffix on a smartphone with multi-core chipset, and the one with noomp suffix for smartphones with single-core chipset – Download APK file from Here

Step 2: Download and install the latest Xash3D APK file from here.

Step 3: Now, on your PC, go to Steam directory where you have installed the game and copy these folders – cstrike and valve. Next, paste them in xash folder on your smartphone’s SD card or internal storage.

Step 4: Run the CS16 Client on you smartphone. If all steps are followed correctly, the game should run with ease.

In coming days we get to see more advanced and Fluid Counter-Strike running on Android Smartphone. Do let us know in comments if you get successful running the gaming on your android advice.