Thursday, 14 April 2016

Lytro’s 755 megapixel Camera captures RAW 40K at 300fps light field video

The Last time you heard of a powerful camera consists of 50MP or might be 100MP? How about a 755MP Camera shocking? Well Recently, Lytro debuted “the world’s first Light Field solution for film and television,” a 755MP cinema camera monster.

You read that number right. The tech essentially uses data on all of the available light in a photo to separate objects by depth and store them in a three-dimensional grid. In the future this technology will allow the simple creation of VR-ready navigable 3D spaces, but right now it’s enabling filmmakers the ability to achieve a level of detail and flexibility in gathering shots and making post-production edits that wasn’t previously possible.

This camera captures a mind-blowing amount of data. At 755 megapixels of RAW 40K resolution and 300fps, the camera boasts “the highest resolution video sensor ever designed” and captures as much as 400 gigabytes of data per second from the world around it.

Now filmmakers and VFX artists will be able to do things in post-production that were previously impossible: pull focus, change frame rate, alter depth of field and dynamic range, and even do away with the ubiquitous green screen because every pixel contains mountains of data.

This camera is essentially military-grade technology, so Lytro is initially working on getting this camera in filmmakers’ hands when they need it rather than selling the entire solution to studios. Lytro says rental packages start at $125k for utilizing the Cinema hardware/software suite.