Saturday, 14 May 2016

Why no one talks about the biggest feature of MIUI8?

The Xiaomi MIUI 8 has been out for a while but still left hitting the Xiaomi device near you. The MIUI 8 has impressed Xiaomi fans with its entire special feature that we have covered it in our recent article, but still it have one special feature that we might neglecting it or doesn’t paying any attention to it.

This is the first time when a Smartphone OS having app clone feature in it and this has the potential to be a biggest feature in MIUI 8. 

What is App Cloning? & How it is Helpful?

It means splitting the app into two, it will be able to run two instances of the same app, and you can use each instance of the same app to log in to different accounts.

It basically works as a Dual-Sim one for business purpose and other for private purpose, So if you like to make a copy of an app, clone it! You can clone an app in the same workspace, a different workspace, and even to a workspace in a different organization.

If you have one Facebook account that you use publicly, while maintaining a second account for more private interactions.

But this isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do on a mobile device. Most apps will only let you log into one account, which means if you’d like to switch back and forth, you’d have to clear data on the app before signing in with your second account but with MIUI 8 this feature will work like a charm.

This is a one of the biggest feature in MIUI 8. We still have not seen the software yet, so it is difficult to say at this moment which apps this will work well with while do comment and share your though about this feature.