Monday, 18 July 2016

5 Must android apps you should have for shopping on the go

The online shopping industry in India has ballooned and there is now a very large user base in the country. After all, the convenience and comfort of being able to order as well as receive the product at home is too lucrative. Moreover, the Indian handset market is one of the largest in the world, which large number of smartphone users. It did not take e-commerce websites to put two and two together and they came out with their own smartphone apps to increase their user base. While there is a large number of shopping apps out there, only few are known to be actually good. Here is a list of top 5 online shopping apps, which offer par excellence user experience to its users.

Flipkart happens to be the market leader when it comes to online shopping in the country and enjoys an enviable user base. The website enjoys the position mainly owing to the large catalog of interesting products. The website came up with its own free to download app on all platforms, which significantly added to its user base. Moreover, having the same categories, deals and offers in an app instead of opening the browser is lot more convenient. Also, browsing products, selecting and placing the order through the app is pretty easy just like the website. Once the order has been placed, the app also allows users to keep track of the same with ease.

Amazon is the top rival of Flipkart in Indian market and has almost the same catalog and then some more. The brand is known for its quick delivery, good deals, innovative user centric interface and categories such gourmet foods. Enjoying a pretty large user base in India, this website has also come up with its own free to download app, which completely replicates the whole website. The browsing of categories, checking out images and placing the order on the app is quite a breeze. The app also lets users place the order through it and keep  a track on it. Moreover, the website offers good deals and offers to its app users. A must have for those who are constantly shopping online and need quick delivery along with good offers.

Snapdeal happens to be yet another e-commerce website, which popped up on the Indian e-commerce scenario recently and quickly climbed to the top. This website also comes with a good selection of products and great deals for its users. The free to download app of the website is one of the best as it is designed using Material layout and is quite easy on eyes. Just like its competitors, Snapdeal app also makes it pretty convenient to access all categories of the website and replicates the website entirely. Once the order has been placed on the app, it will notify you whether or not the order has been dispatched and other information through push notifications. Another must have app for any online shopper.

Paytm was an online website that catered to an entirely different segment altogether, which was bill payments and recharges. However, once the online shopping bloomed in the country, the website switched niches and added an entire section for online shopping. Despite being a new entry in the online shopping domain, Paytm has build up an impressive catalog for its users. The USP of the website is that the website also owns the Paytm Wallet and offers cashback on every purchase in form of Paytm cash. This has managed to gain popularity for Paytm in the Indian market, even if the catalog is not at par with the likes of above mentioned websites. Moreover, the website still offers online bill payment and recharge services, which makes it complete solution in the industry as of now.

eBay is the oldest and probably considered outdated by many, however, it remains the top online shopping solution owing to a lot of reasons. Firstly, it is pretty easy for sellers to sign up on it and it has led to eBay being home to many rare as well as unique products, which are not found anywhere else. Moreover, the app also provides the bidding feature of the website, where users can place bids on a product and get it for lot less than actual price. eBay also lets the user to communicate directly with the seller in case of any issue. This app is a must have for any online shopper, however, there is not too  many deals on it.

With so many apps in place, sometimes it gets confusing as to which app has a product listed at the best price. PriceRaja app comes to the rescue here as it shows the price listed on every website with the best price listed on top. Moreover, once you have decided to buy a product, it redirects the user to the related website. This one is an absolute for anyone who shops online and wants to get the best price.