Thursday, 28 July 2016

HTC Nexus Marlin final render Surface and its totally different from previous one

Nexus Marlin will be the biggest fish from HTC this year. While still, we haven't seen any clear pictures of the devices, there are renders out there and on that note, a new render has been Surface from TechDroider which is a lot more different from previous leak renders of HTC Marlin.

According to the report, an inside source has seen the image and has confirmed that it looks “pretty accurate” and there wont be much changes after this render, so assume it as a Final render of Nexus Marlin. Its Moreover looks like new HTC Nexus Marlin dressed in HTC 10 outfit.

The image above is only a render but it's also based on a previously leaked image. This could just be a prototype and not the final design but at least we can see the possible features and specs like the 5.5-inch QHD screen similar to the Moto Z, back fingerprint sensor, aluminum unibody, 4GB RAM, 3450mAh battery, and the same 12.3MP dual camera system found in the Nexus 6P.

Speaking of the front, not much can actually be said of the Marlin from this angle. Even TechDroider isn't sure if there will be two front-facing speakers there. Given there is nothing else on the front, it will be a huge waste of space if HTC didn't take this chance to flaunt its BoomSound technology in spades. The camera and Flash give all glimpse of HTC 10 Design

We're hopeful that this HTC Nexus phone will once again bring the company to the top. If not the top rankings maybe at least improve the numbers. At the moment HTC sinking sales need a lifesaver phone that can help them to survive in the market & emerge as a top contender among others. Do tell us in the comment did you like the new renders compared to previous toy looking renders.