Thursday, 21 July 2016

It will be hard to Root after Android Nougat 7.0 update, won't boot at all if your phone has malware

Google has confirmed the Android N name and we know that Android 7.0 Nougat will be released later this year on the Nexus 2016 phones. Android N is now on its final Developer Preview before the public rollout which means we’re getting closer to the final version and the release will happen ‘later this summer’

If you have liking for rooting then you will face tough time with Android Nougat. While hacking Android has become harder, Nougat will take things to the next level, bringing new security features to make sure that your device stays the way its maker intended.

Google introduced a new check for malware as part of the boot process in all Android devices. On the Android Developer’s blog, the company explains that Android Nougat strictly enforces that boot check, giving you far more than a warning. The good news is that if your phone is infected with types of malware, your phone will refuse to boot or will boot in a limited capacity mode (presumably akin to safe mode). The bad news however, is that some non-malicious corruption of data could also mean that your phone will refuse to boot up…

Enforcing verified boot is definitely a step toward greater security for Android users, but it could also lead to more problems on devices suffering from software and/or hardware issues, where the possibility for disc corruptions to occur is greater. This is where a new error correction system comes into play, which is supposed to help devices recover from loss of data storage blocks to some extent. 

Enforcing verified boot could potentially make it harder to install custom ROMs.
Google says that any device with a locked bootloader will use this to check for modifications. The bottom line is that unless your smartphone has an unlocked bootloader (either out of the box or where the OEM lets you unlock it), using custom ROMs and tinkering with your smartphone will be a lot harder with Android Nougat.

Well for some it can be a painful task while for other it comes as a relief as it helps keep your device data secure and much more protected! Do share your though in our comment will you welcome Android Nought like the way before you were planning to. 

Source - Phonearena