Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Ray of Hope emerges as Google Nexus 5 gets Android Nougat update via AOSP ROM

One of the greatest Nexus phone from Google has been expired from Google Service technically dead without Google Support. In real Google’s latest major Android release does not support the old hardware and has broken the heart of many Nexus users around the world. But not anymore as XDA Developers people has given a new life to Nexus 5.

As we know, Nexus 5 has stick out his tongue at full force but still it won’t able to taste Android Nougat as Google made Android Nougat unreachable from Nexus 5 but LG Nexus 5 users need not worry over missing the Android Nougat, as the industrious XDA Developer Forum's senior software programmer, Santosh M has successfully created a Nougat-based AOSP (Android Open Source Project) ROM compatible with the 2013 series flagship phone.

The new ROM brings all cool attributes of Nougat such as night mode, security improvement, fast boot, bundled notification, improved battery optimisation, multi-window options and more value-added features to enhance user-experience.

NOTE: The AOSP ROM is an experimental firmware. It has some unresolved issues in it.

Since there are more than a few cogs missing at this moment, installation is not recommended on a daily driver but the good part is that there is some Ray of hope for Nexus 5 users and fully functional Nougat ports will be possible in the near future.