Wednesday, 31 August 2016

HTC Nexus Sailfish and Marlin could price on higher side than previous Nexus models

Nexus Marlin and Sailfish will be the biggest fish from HTC this year and to catch those biggest fish you need to have a biggest fishing net, in simple terms you need to shed more money than the previous generation Nexus device.

Well, Both Nexus handsets are expected to be premium devices when it comes to build quality as well as in performance and that we all expect from Google Nexus device but next round of Nexus smartphones could cost as much as 20% more than the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, that is pretty unexpected.

It looks like HTC tag is more expensive than Nexus tag. The smaller of the two, the Sailfish, is expected to cost $449 for the 32GB model — at least according to Nexus Blog’s unnamed sources from HTC. That’s $70 more than last year’s 16GB Nexus 5X, and $20 more than the 32GB option. It’s unclear at this time whether there will be a 64GB or 128GB Sailfish model, or how much the extra storage would cost.

The 32GB Nexus Marlin is reportedly priced at $599, which is $100 more than last year’s 32GB Nexus 6P. The 2015 Nexus phablet also came in 64GB and 128GB options, priced at $549 and $649, respectively. It’s likely that Google will also have Marlin versions with more built-in storage, but Nexus Blog doesn’t know what to expect.

If you remember previously European people were not happy at the time of Nexus 5x & 6p launch as they have been imposed with additional tax which leads to the high price of Nexus device in their country and it was a hot topic for a long time and people were demanding for equal price rate as with the US. Now the New HTC Nexus pricing will be far higher, in reality, especially considering the recent Brexit-led exchange rate woes.

Google is expected to debut both handsets at a launch event in October, although details are still shaky.