Sunday, 7 August 2016

[Video] Can you call a cell phone in the microwave? A simple test that reveals if your microwave is leaking radiation

Yeah we know that Microwave is staple appliances used for cooking or heating food. Well the question is the Microwave leaking the radiation. A video has revealed a simple trick to determine if your microwave is 'leaking' using just two mobile phones - but don't worry, even if it is leaking it's unlikely to cause any harm.

The Physics Girl basically a Youtuber films herself placing a phone in a microwave and calling it, thus demonstrating that the oven's protective casing is not impervious to radiation and that signals can still pass through.

In series of simple experiments, the video also shows data and Wi-Fi signals can pass through the oven's protective casing, suggesting that small amounts of microwave energy can escape.

The surprising results show that the casing is not a perfect Faraday cage, which use mesh to block electromagnetic wavelengths from passing through.
With the help of hacker Samy Kamkar, they explained that when the phone is placed inside the box it is unable to receive or make calls, showing that the signals are indeed blocked.

However, exposure to excessive electromagnetic radiation could be hazardous, at the extreme end of the scale, gamma radiation from radioactive material can harm DNA,as can UV light.

Via - Daily Mail