Wednesday, 10 August 2016

[Video] OnePlus 3 shows Samsung Galaxy S7 who's the Real Boss here

Samsung Recently made all other Smartphone to shame in battery test (Video) and now it’s time for Samsung to get the dose of its own medicine and player who made Samsung in this position is the might OnePlus 3.

OnePlus decided to take on the third highest selling Android handset by posting a video showing the superiority of Dash Charge versus Samsung's system. Samsung has its own Adaptive Charging, which is supposed to quickly power up the battery in the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The first challenge resulted in Dash Charge charging up the battery in the OnePlus 3 to 64% in 30 minutes; in the same time, the Samsung Galaxy S7 battery was charged up to 50%.

In the second challenge, no clock was displayed. But the big difference was that both phones had their screen kept on while charging, and this led to an even larger difference between the two handsets. This time, Dash Charge quickly filled up the tank on the battery to 67% while the Galaxy S7 was 23% charged.

Considering that both devices sport a 3000mAh battery, there certainly is some praise that OnePlus deserves. But the contest goes on, with the Chinese firm stating that Dash Charge’s strength remains virtually unchanged even when the phone’s screen is turned on. Hence, OnePlus 3 is the new beast in town. 

Source - Phonearena