Sunday, 28 August 2016

WhatsApp will still sending yours valuable Info to Facebook after you choose not to

Facebook & WhatsApp help us in connecting to the vast people around the World and have the largest amount of active users too. It’s true these applications are easy to use and in terms of privacy we have all the controls on it but its look like Facebook wants to take control on their hands which will create the biggest impact in user’s privacy.

Facebook is going to start hoovering up your WhatsApp data and using it for ads. WhatsApp has provoked ire by announcing that it is to start sharing its user data with parent company Facebook, despite assurances at the time that it was bought that everyone’s data would remain entirely private. The company says that the information will be used for ads on Facebook and WhatsApp, as well as helping to improve the messaging platform.

But many people are angry that some of their most personal information – their chats – could potentially be compromised as part of the deal with Facebook. While there is way of opting out of the terms, and ensuring that no data is sent over to Facebook

You might choose not to share your account information under WhatsApp’s latest policy change for relevant ads on Facebook, but that does not mean the messaging platform will not share your phone number with the social media website.

WhatsApp will still give your contact details to Facebook for purposes other than ads even if you opt out, a WhatsApp spokesperson said, contrary to reports that users can choose not to share details such as their phone number.

WhatsApp says it needs to share limited data with Facebook to test out new features designed to help users "communicate with the business," such as receiving fraud notifications from a bank or flight delays from airline companies. WhatsApp also maintains that all messages will still be completely encrypted, and unreadable by both Facebook and WhatsApp staff.

“If you choose to opt out, this means Facebook won’t be able to suggest friends or improve the ads you see based on your WhatsApp number,” the spokesperson told Hindustan Times in an email interview on Friday.

When asked, however, if phone numbers will still be shared, the spokesperson said: “…the phone number is being shared with Facebook, but it will not be in the public domain. Also, some basic device information is being shared: mobile carrier code, identifier, mobile country code.”