Thursday, 1 September 2016

Here are all the main Highlights of Jio affordable plans, unlimited free calls plus data and more

The Day has come finally for which billion people of India was waiting for from a long time. Reliance Industries chief Mukesh Ambani today revealed the details of the company's much anticipated foray into the telecom sector, Jio. Even before its launch, Reliance Jio 4G previews was making big waves but now it has been turned into storm and hitting other Telecom department like Bharti Airtel, idea etc.

At today’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), Reliance Industries’ (RIL) Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani made a number of announcements related to the launch of Reliance Jio in India. It came out to be the cheapest data rate in the World

Reliance Jio’s data prices will be roughly one-fifth of what customers have been charged so far- one gigabyte of data will cost Rs 50 (the cheapest in the world).

All voice calls to be free; no Jio customer will have to pay for any voice call and No Roaming charges Too.

Yes you heard it right, The biggest news of the day is all domestic voice calls including those made to other operators would be free. Users won’t even have to bother about roaming within the country, as per the ‘One India‘ motive. This would be a big blow to existing telecom operators, which still account for a big chunk of their Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). No excessive charges for text messages on special days like festivals, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day and others. Jio says there won’t be any blackout days.

And if you’re a student, you will be able to get 25% more data just by showing your ID card.

Ambani also announced a special offer for students who can avail 25 per cent more data on Jio's main tariffs provided they have valid student ID card. Reliance Jio, Mukesh Ambani said, is in the process of connecting the majority of India's schools and colleges with WiFi to provide broadband wireless data access to students in their classrooms.

A peak download speed of upto 135 MBPS on the Jio network

You can enjoy Jio Networks high speed Internet upto 135Mbps but I doubt that as more & more people will be joining with Jio Network the more & more burden & pressure will Jio Network face as a result you’ll get low speed compared to highest

Pay for only one service - either voice or data

Now that is Interesting, "Customer should pay only for one service voice or data, not both. World over operators charge for only data while voice and messaging are essentially free. So today I have great pleasure in announcing a revolutionary concept for the Indian market. All voice calls for Jio customers will be absolutely free," Mukesh Ambani, the head of RIL group, said while addressing shareholder of RIL at 42ndAnnual General Meeting.

All Jio services will be free as a “Welcome Offer”

Starting September 5, subscribers who join Reliance Jio network will be eligible for a Welcome Offer, under which they will get free and unlimited to Jio’s suite of services including voice, data and the bundled applications. The offer is valid till December 31, 2016.

Jio SIM cards to be issued on Aadhar-based eKYC or paperless CAF as well

Pointing out cumbersome process of verification, Ambani said that it currently takes about 24 hours to get the new connection active. But with Jio services, users can get their numbers activated within 15 minutes. Jio has implemented an e-KYC system, which allows users with Aadhar cards to get their SIM cards instantly. The system is currently available in Delhi and Mumbai, and will be rolled out in other cities very soon.

Jio 10 Affordable 4G LTE data plans to choose from

Reliance Jio has rolled out some of the most competitive 4G data pricing offers in the world! The pricing structure for Reliance Jio plans is also very simple. The Jio 4G tariffs start at Rs. 19 and there are 10 main plans in Jio’s pricing structure to choose from Here’s a screenshot of all of Reliance’s pricing plans for Jio’s network.

and the most cheapest Data pack around the World 

Along with these highly affordable data rates, Reliance has also promised that Jio customers will be able to track their usage in real time. For this, Ambani claims that all Jio users will get a real-time notification of their bill, after each data usage session.

What do you think about Reliance Jio plans and do you think they would deliver their promises of High speed Jio Network to all of us? Drop your though in our comment.