Saturday, 15 October 2016

Airtel Offering you Free High-Speed data and Free Calling Services for 3 months to tackle Jio

Airtel today announced that it has deployed a new technology on its Broadband network to offer speeds of up to 100mbps. The technology called V-Fiber will allow the telecom major to improve internet speeds in 87 cities where the telecom major currently operates. To attract new customer, Airtel will provide unlimited date for free for three months.

The company notes the process of upgrading to the V-Fiber network will not require it to dig up roads or re-wire, instead, it will boost the last mile copper connectivity by using 'noise elimination technology' it is referring to as Vectorization. It adds that local exchanges have been upgraded to handle faster fibre speeds. To avail the faster V-Fiber broadband service, existing broadband users will require a new modem that will likely to cost about Rs 1,000

In a Wi-Fi network, higher speeds help. Multiple devices split the broadband speed equally, which means if four devices are being used on a 8-mbps connection, each one gets 2 mbps, and if the speed is 100 mbps, each device gets 25 mbps.

Globally, companies such as British Telecom, Fast Web, TI, Ericomm, and Telefonica use the same technology.

As for the 'unlimited free voice calling' offer, the company says the facility is now available across all Airtel Broadband plans. The facility will allow users to make free calls to any network across the country.

“We are looking at the business in a slightly different manner. Offering some extra data is of marginal cost, because we have already billed the infrastructure and delivery cost,” Puri said.

Both existing and new users can register or pre-book the V-Fiber service via the company's dedicated site.