We Don’t have plans to launch Redmi Note 2 in India: Xiaomi

Xiaomi previously has announced the most Amazing Phablet
ever Redmi Note 2 not only in spects but also considering it cheap price
tactics. Xiaomi had trolled over Samsung and HTC with the Redmi Note 2 and
pricing it as low as $133.

The phablet went on sale yesterday, and the company managed
to sell 800,000 handsets in just 12 hours, creating a record of sorts. Xiaomi
announced its record-breaking feat on Weibo, and also announced that the
phablet will go on sale again on August 24.
While we have a bad news for our Xiaomi Indian fans, The
Redmi Note 2 and Prime both run on MediaTek’s Helio X10 chipsets. While Ericsson
has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Xiaomi base upon MediaTek’s

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Ericsson’s case is related to Standard Essential Patents for
wireless technology standards like GSM, Edge and 3G on Mediatek Chipset.
Ericsson is expected to license these patents under what is called as Free
Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (FRAND) terms. Ericsson had alleged that
Xiaomi was not paying any royalty for using technology innovations covered
under the patents in its smartphones. Xiaomi recently stated that
“We are continuously evaluating new products that can be
launched in India. But, as of now we do not have plans to launch Redmi Note 2
in India,” a Xiaomi spokesperson told BGR India.

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It still not cleared whether it was due to the legal case
with Ericsson or they are Not interested to launch mediatek device. So it quite
a bad news for Indian fans those who wanted to Experience the Newely Redmi Note
2 with Mediatek Helio X10 chipset while you can still import it from Gearbest or

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