Xiaomi Mi4c only 100,000 units will be offered for Sale on October 3rd

In Just previous Article we have talked about the Much
important feature of Mi4C that came to light with the new leak yet we bring
another news on Mi4C. It looks like Xiaomi is holding their Mi5 launch for
sometime as because it is first to powered by Qualcomm’s latest high-end SoC
820 which won’t start rolling off the assembly line until March.

Xiaomi is trying their best to be in the news while OnePlus
2 has already taken the leap in the absence of Mi5. Xiaomi has planout several
things to beat the #Hype

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According to the Reports, the Xiaomi Mi 4c will be unveiled
September 24th, and will then go on sale October 3rd in China. Xiaomi
does plan on limiting the number of units offered to just 100,000 of phones. That’s
a bit Awkward. Meanwhile ut may helpful to beat the #Hype and should take eyes
from Mi5 delays
It also mean that Mi4C is the another Xiaomi handset  after Redmi Note 2 that will not see the day
of life in India. It will more toughest situation for the Chinese people to gets
their hand on it due to limited no of units!. 

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 Xiaomi Mi 4c features
a 5-inch screen with a 1080 x 1920 resolution, and a 441ppi pixel density
powered by hexa-core 1.4GHz CPU Snapdragon 808 SoC coupled with 2GB Ram. Xiaomi
Mi4c will come with the new USB Type-C port. 

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