Xiaomi Smartphone appeared during the Apple event day; Did Apple done it Intentionally ?

Apple Showcased the iPhone 6S in yesterday event as a ‘Most advanced Smartphone of the year’ During the event, there were several products &
several features that the company managed to display to the public, but there
are some details that even the public has missed out and here we are to throw
some deep light towards the point that you might have missed it out.

It came as a surprise for Xiaomi fans when they saw their
own Smartphone at the Apple event! On a big Screen, I bet you’ll be gone surprised
yes! During the event, Apple introduced a feature called “Move to iOS,” that
was the moment when Xiaomi device appeared right next to an iPhone. 
While at this time you must be putting some extra effort on
your mind to find out which phone is this from Xiaomi portfolio? We have the
answer of your question, its Xiaomi Mi2S. In china it has become talk of the
town whether Apple has done this deliberately to mock Xiaomi as its called ‘Apple
of China’ and recently Xiaomi had acquired the pole position by defeating Apple
in China. 

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One thing we want to tell you, Apple could have taken
thousands of phones but it chosen the one that belongs to Xiaomi. Plus the
Moment when Xiaomi phone appeared is when the Apple explaining the new tool “Move
to iOS” which is pretty much a data migration tool for Android users to
effectively transfer all of their data to their iOS device. Xiaomi always compare
their new models with the iPhone in their event.  
Xiaomi Mi2S
Regarding this Xiaomi has to say, We already have that tool
present in our Mi Devices way back which currently Apple is showing,  you can search in the App Store “Xiaomi Cloud Sync”, download the
application. If you have an iPhone, and you want to experience the MIUI system,
start with a Mi phone, then you have nothing to worry about the stored data on
your iPhone’s like contacts, photos, because those can be available through the
cloud Mi MIUI within the system backup, and can be sent over your new purchase Xiaomi
phone. No data cable, no PC, needed it can directly Moved from iOS device within the
data, by Mi cloud services. 

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Xiaomi  said that with Mi Cloud Sync, iPhone users
can buy Xiaomi phone & experience the charm of MIUI 7, and do not worry
about their most important data as it would be Stored safely. What do you thing
Apple had done deliberately or not? You can join our Redmi Note 2 pro Fb page
for more details on it!

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