Report: Xiaomi Hired An Ex-Senior Official From Lenovo’s Laptop Business for Mi Notebook project

It is no secret that Xiaomi is preparing to enter the
Notebook Industry with it Revolutionary one of a kind Notebook. Previously we
have reported that Inventec is helping Xiaomi to develop their first Notebook
which shall be ready within Next Year but it looks like Inventec is not alone in
the making of Xiaomi Dream Notebook….

Thanks to Lao Yao, the secretary general of the China
Smartphone Alliance who has just revealed a key development.
In his Weibo page, he revealed that Xiaomi has hired an
ex-senior official from Lenovo’s Laptop business. According to Mr. Lao says
that he could play a crucial role in the development and release of the
He might play a crucial role for Xiaomi to achieve the slimmest
design & look for Xiaomi Notebook as seen on their Lenovo Z51 & Lenovo
Y50 laptops.

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According to Lao, Xiaomi could also offer MIUI on this new
laptop, which will mark the UI’s entry into the computer software industry. It
still hard to comment on that will Xiaomi also provide the option of Window 10 or
“Xiaomi’s Laptop will be quite different than the existing
laptops available in the market”, said Mr Lee  CEO of Inventec. As per Lee Hint it can be
booth for Software or can be in design also. So we have to wait for that moment
when Xiaomi Notebook would be introduced in this World. 

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As per the Configuration,
The Rumors mills has to say that Mi notebook will be equipped with the latest
Intel Core i7 processor, equipped with (2 * 8GB) of dual-channel memory, with
15 inches of 1080p screen supply by Samsung, Will run through the depth
customization of Linux systems, while we expect the International version to
equip with Window 10. Price is expected to be 2,999 yuan ($500) Rs 30,000.
We also have share some prototype picture of Inventec laptop here
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